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Been tattooing full time for about 7,5 years. First interest in tattoo industry came about 10 yrs ago when I had my first tattoo done and since then I had a bumpy road into getting into it. I always been into art since I was a child, drawing in different styles. I went into architecture and finished interior design with a diploma although didn't follow any further into architecture field as realized it wasn't my cup of tea and i couldn't express myself as an artist. In tattooing for first 5 years I was tattooing in all sort of styles from traditional to realism as couldn't find my own way or style for a long time. I always enjoyed tattoo nature inspired design which made me go into realism but nowadays when I feel a lot stronger technically I started to develop my own style which is very colorful realism with bits of pop art, watercolour and new school mixed into it. I strongly push for colour work, with vibrant tones and strong contrasts also often with a very bold, heavy outline. I'm still on the way of developing it as each design I create is individual I try to improve every single time I get to do one. Subjects of my work as mostly animals, but I also enjoy landscape and portraits.