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I'm the piercer at Dark Horse Collective and have been piercing there for just over 5 years now. I've always had an interest in piercings, especially experimenting during my teenage years (making bad decisions so you don't have to!).

Now my interests lie in giving you the best experience possible. This covers so many aspects such as making sure the procedure is as clean as possible, the jewellery is the highest of quality, my aftercare is sound and I'm the best that I can be! Piercing is an ever evolving industry, there's always something new to learn & I feel this is why I was so drawn to piercing. I love learning, organising and being methodical, but also being able to express myself & to help others do the same.

As well as piercing I also do laser tattoo removal and mange the studio, so if you want to know something I'm the one to ask.

Outside of the studio I love travelling! Ask me on any given day and I'll have at least one or two holidays booked & probably plenty more planned! So if you fancy a new piercing with a dose of travel advice come & see me.