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Piercing FAQs



In light of recent events we have made the difficult decision to close as of today until further notice.

It was a tricky decision to make but we truly believe we are doing the best in the current circumstances. We have the best interests of our team, clients and their families at the heart of this decision.

We will be contacting any of you affected as soon as possible and will of course roll your deposit over to a new appointment as soon as we can.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during these times.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support & we look forward to seeing you all asap.

We will update on a weekly basis or whenever necessary. Stay safe everyone & thank you again. Love DHC


Do I need to make an appointment?

Emma can often be fully booked for the day so we do recommend securing an appointment.

Appointments can be obtained by……….(are we doing a booking form for piercings/laser?)

Do you use a piercing gun?

No, never!


How old do I have to be?

  • 18+ with photo ID for all piercings
  • 14+ with parental consent for; lobes, basic cartilage & nostril piercings. (Other cartilage piercings may be performed at the piercers discretion).
  • 16+ with parental consent for; all other ear piercings (except industrial & snug), eyebrows & navels.

In order to receive a piercing under the age of 18 the piercee must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Photo ID (passport, driving licence, citizen card) will need to be provided for the piercee and the parent/guardian. If for any reason your surnames differ we will need documentation showing why (i.e. name change/divorce) or some other legal documentation supporting guardianship.

Does it hurt?

It’s never as bad as expected! This is the single most uttered comment after getting pierced, the thought beforehand is much worse than the actual piercing. The piercing itself is over almost immediately, so even if you are worried we can assure you by the time you’ve taken a look in the mirror at your new piercing you’ll have forgotten all about it.

How much does it cost?

Emma holds a large selection of jewellery for you to choose from, ranging from basic implant grade titanium to solid gold! We also have the ability to custom order almost anything your heart desires, so is therefore difficult to give a set price for each piercing, it all depends on what you choose!

Can I bring my child/ren with me?

Unfortunately the only time we can allow children in the studio is when they themselves are getting pierced. Emma’s attention needs to be solely with your during the piercing so for that reason we cannot allow children in the studio.

Can I bring a friend with me?

You’re welcome to bring a supportive friend with you if you wish however they will need to follow Emma’s instructions, we also ask that you limit this to one person due to size restraints in the piercing room.

Can I photograph/film the procedure

We do ask that you refrain from any videos, if you wish to take photos please ask Emma and she will allow for an opportunity if suitable.

Can I bring my own jewellery to be pierced with?

Emma can only pierce you with jewellery supplied by herself. We cannot verify the quality or origins of unknown jewellery and this could cause complications with your new piercing.

How long until I can change my jewellery?

Simply put, who knows? It’s hard to say for definite when you’re piercing will be ready for a downsize/jewellery change. Emma will give you an idea of healing times during your piercing and will recommend a check up appointment, this is where she can give you more information on your healing progress.

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding can I still get pierced?

Unfortunately it is not advisable to undergo any body art procedure during this period so we wouldn't be able to accommodate any piercings. It is best to let your body concentrate on the complex task at hand. If you are however having any issues with existing piercings during this period please do get in touch for advice.

Can I still breastfeed after having my nipples pierced?

You sure can, nipple piercings should have no impact on your ability to breastfeed, but we do advise you remove the jewellery beforehand!

I’m going on holiday, can I still get pierced?

This all depends on when the holiday is & the type of holiday. If you have a holiday coming up within the next 12 weeks please mention it during the booking process & Emma will advise further.

I’m going swimming/in a hot tub/on a spa day, can I still get pierced?

Again, this all depends, where, when & on the piercing. Please mention during the booking process and Emma will advise further.

I have an illness and/or am taking medication, can I still get pierced?

99% of the time yes! However there are a few exceptions, in these small instances we may need you to seek clarification from your GP.

If you have a rash, sunburn etc in the area you are looking to get pierced you will need to allow the area to fully heal before continuing.

I’ve been told I can’t get my ………… pierced is that true?

All piercings are anatomy dependant & all piercers perform piercings in different ways & have different skill sets. It is true that you may not be suitable for all piercing but an in person consultation with me can determine this for you.

I’ve got a bump! What shall I do?

Firstly, don't panic! Piercing bumps are generally harmless and there is usually a simple explanation behind them. Continue with the aftercare as advised and make arrangements to come and see Emma who can assist you.

Is it rejecting?

This is a possibility with all piercings however some are much more likely to than others (navels/eyebrows/etc), however it may just be irritated! An in person consult will be best to determine what’s happening.